Saturday, July 15, 2006

wedding this weekend

This weekend I am doing a wedding for a great couple. Last night at the rehearsal dinner I was listening to the groom talk about how this whole experience almost doesn't feel real. He can't believe that he is actually going to be a husband. They are both still in college and it kind of reminds me of when Tracy and I were first married.

I was 21 and she was 19. We were so hard on each other and would get in little squables all the time. I understand how marriages can fall apart within those first few years. It is a tough process rounding off all those rough edges. Like two rocks in a bag that continually rub against one another, we learned to not be so picky and we helped smooth and round off each other's personalities.

The Bible says that we are to keep each other sharp "as iron sharpens iron". But I think we also help to keep each other smooth as sandpaper polishes stone. I love my wife more than words can say. This sabbatical is becoming a great time to invest in family and give thanks for this great gift God has given me: the best wife in the world (for me) and 2 kids who keep life fun and interesting.