Thursday, July 13, 2006

God's Desire for Us

Often I have been impacted by the truth that every person has a “God-shaped hole in their heart”. It is a truth that I have come to believe through more than just studying Scripture. It is a truth that reveals itself in people’s lives over and over again. We hunger for something more. And yet the more we try to fill that void in our lives through money, pleasure, success, friends, power and the things we think will bring satisfaction…the more hungry we continue to become. It is classic evidence that God designed us to have a relationship with Him and nothing else will fill us up.

But today I was reading an old book from 1958 by Roy Hession called “We Would See Jesus”. He said something that really grabbed my attention in a fresh way. He wrote, “It has been said that there is a God-shaped blank in every man’s heart. It is ALSO true that there is a man-shaped blank in God’s heart. It is because of the latter that God yearns so much for us and pursues us so relentlessly, and it is because of the former that mere earthly things, even service (ministry), will never satisfy our hearts.”

I think on that day when we enter into the unveiled presence of God (for those who trust Christ for their forgiveness)… I think we will probably be shocked and overwhelmed to realize how much God loves us.