Wednesday, July 05, 2006

July 4th

We had a great day for July 4th.

I called first thing in morning to get the results from our big July 3rd CIA outreach at the Delta Township fireworks display. I had missed it due to the lateness of my return from the hospital in Detroit. Here's the scoop. We provided 6 porta-potties (stationed in the Lansing Mall parking lot for the massive crowds) and handed out thousands of bags of candy. We even had a crew that washed windshields and provided solvent for people's cars. And the coolest part? More than 120 people from Faith Church were out in the community sharing Christ's love in a practical way. I love being part of a church that is so driven to reach out!

Also exciting is the knowledge that our sister church (Willow) was reaching people with Christ's love through CIA ministries just down the road at Sharpe Park.

For half the day on July 4th we played in the sprinkler with the kids in the backyard (the simple pleasures are often the greatest). Riley, our big black Labrador Retriever, probably had more fun in the sprinkler than the kids. He jumped and danced trying to grab the water. It was hilarious.

Then we spent the evening with a family from the church who live on a lake. We had a cookout, played music, took the kids out in the boats, and ended the evening watching fireworks.

It was one of those days where you feel especially glad for the joys of summer. I love my family so much. And kids are especially fun...because it gives me a great excuse for doing "kid stuff".

However, this morning I woke up and found 6 year old Seth in the bathroom throwing up. Yikes! The joy of having's all great fun until somebody pukes.