Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hope rises again!

What a great God! I just got off the phone with Doug Maier (the father of our little 3 year old guy Hawk who has been in serious danger for his life). They were just given some great news.

Since September 2005, Hawk's Leukemia has been complicated by chronic lung disease. Most recently they believed that the spots on his lungs were due to a life-threatening fungus. This was preventing their prefered course for chemo, and since his Leukemia has been advancing so rapidly that could prove fatal. Without chemo he can't get to the point where a bone marrow transplant is even a possibility. In fact, the lung issue (along with the status of his GVH) prevented them from being able to be part of a bone marrow surgery at St. Judes this past Spring. Are you getting the picture? This chronic lung disease has been a serious complication.

Then today the doctors come in and say, "We were wrong. The biopsy results came back and his lungs are clear." Pardon me? Did you say clear? YES. They NOW say that it must be asthma instead. Or could it be God?

The ramifications? Chemo can start immediately. And a new and more effective kind of chemo (that he was not a candidate for before because of the lung disease...the lung disease that is not there!) Whereas yesterday the doctors were sounding very fatalistic, today there is a whole new sense of hope and excitement.

Just one more thing. Before they start chemo, don't you think they should test one more time just to make sure that the Leukemia is still there? Doug said, "We have to believe God has a plan in all of this". And it is possible that God's plan still involves radical and complete healing.