Friday, March 30, 2007

a married cold

"The Five Stages of a Married Cold"

See if you relate...

First year: Baby, darling. I'm worried about that little sniffle you have. I think you might have a cold. So I've called the paramedics…the ambulance is coming! They’re going to take you to hospital. I just hope you’re going to be OK. I know you don’t like hospital food, so I’m going to have them deliver your meals from P.F. Chang’s every day. I just want you to get better. (that’s the first year).

Second year: Sweetheart, wow…that’s a really bad cough. I’ve called the Doctor. I’m paying him extra to come make a house call. I don’t want you to lift a finger. You just stay tucked in bed and I’m going to take care of you.

Third year: Hey…do you think you might have a fever? Why don’t you drive on over the Doctor’s office and get yourself some medicine.

Fourth year: What’s that green stuff coming out of your nose? Maybe you should go to bed early tonight… that is…AFTER you’ve cooked dinner, fed the kids and done the laundry.

Fifth year: What is there… a seal barking in the house? Could you go sneeze in the other room? I can't hear the TV.

A man told me "In the first year, my wife used to bring my slippers and the dog came barking. NOW the dog brings my slippers, and..." Oops. Not good.

(James 3:17) says “The wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace loving, considerate.” It says, a result of being wise is being considerate. When I'm being considerate, I'm being wise.

Careful though, because that also means when I'm being INconsiderate, I'm being stupid. In any relationship, wisdom shows itself in consideration, caring about the needs of others.