Monday, March 19, 2007

canada eh

I've lived in the states for most of my life. But my blood is from the land of the Maple Leaf and my citizenship is still from Canada. I guess it doesn't come into play much...other than when the Olympics roll around. That's the only time I make much of a deal about being from another country.

I guess the reason that my Canadian citizenry doesn't affect my outlook very much, is because I have lived in the States for most of my life. My outlook and culture was shaped by growing up in America (with schools, church and influences all being American). Therefore, while I'm not an American citizen, I might as well be. There's really not much difference.

The Bible says that our citizenship is in heaven. We are a colony of believers living in a world that is different from us. But just like my Canadian citizenship, as Christians our values, priorities, family life, influences and outlook are often basically the same as those around us. Because we go to school with, work with, live with, and are mostly influenced by the same things as everybody else...there tends to be little difference evidenced in our lives. citizens of heaven (a colony of believers in Jesus Christ), how should we be different? How do we live IN the world, while not being OF the world? What characteristics should distinguish us?

Food for thought.