Monday, March 26, 2007

wedding chapel

Wow. Faith Church feels kind of liking a wedding chapel today.

I had 3 pre-marital counseling sessions today with couples, one of the other pastor's met with 2 couples today, and others dropped into the office to clarify details for the preparations.

It is awesome that we get to be part of their sacred covenant before God. Faith Church has touched so many lives and made many connections with family and friends who don't know Christ. It is a great ministry connection with the community.

And the pastors at Faith don't just stand up and say a few words, sign on the dotted line and consider it done. Each couple has gone through intensive counseling. They have committed to study the biblical foundation for marriage. They've been challenged to explore the deeper issues of life and spirituality.

The downside? It consumes a huge amount of our time. I pray that our investment in their marriage will reap eternal dividends. If each family would seek to honor Christ, and live with a passion for love and grace...that home can become a catalyst for changing the world!