Wednesday, January 09, 2008

average child

I'm usually not usually much of a "poem guy". But last year I read this one during a teaching and have often been asked for a reprint. So here it is. I don't have any clue who the author might be (but from the language and phrases used, I'm guessing this work has been around for a while)

“The Average Child”
I don’t cause teachers trouble
My grades have been OK
I keep up my chores at home
and I’m in school every day.
My teachers think I’m average,
and my parents, they think so too
I wish I didn’t know that...cause
there are lots of things I’d like to do
I’d like to build a rocket ship,
I’ve got a book that shows you how.
Or I’d like to start a stamp collection. Well...
No use tryin’ now
cause, since I know I’m average,
I’m just smart enough you see,
to know there’s nothing special that I should ever expect of me.
I’m just part of that majority
that bump part of the Bell
That live there lives unnoticed in an average kind of hell.

Doesn't that break your heart?

Let me tell you today, you’re not average!!! My job as a Pastor, is to help people see themselves through God’s eyes.

And check this out. That’s YOUR JOB too! It’s your job to look at the people around you and to encourage them. Be a messenger of hope. Help people see their potential through the eyes of God.