Monday, November 05, 2007

exhausted birthday

I had a birthday this weekend. It's funny how those seem to come around every single year. This one happens to be my 34th.

In some ways, that doesn't seem very old. But on that particular day, I felt VERY old.

It started with an alarm clock at 2:20 in the AM! We had a great crew from First Wesleyan leaving for a missions trip to Guatemala. So as a family adventure, Tracy and I packed up the kids and drove over to the church to pray with them. It was fun, but the bed sure felt good when I crawled back in sometime after 3:00.

Then my alarm rang again at 7:00. I had promised to go on a group cycling ride. So before I knew it, I was suiting up to hit the road. The guys on this ride are all serious at climbing the hills and pounding the pavement. I felt great for the first 25 miles. But after some long climbs my legs started to cramp up. And unforunately the group had chosen a 50 MILE LOOP! When you are way out in the back woods of Alabama on a bicycle, it doesn't matter how much your legs hurt. There is only one way to get home. Keep pedaling!

When I got home, I was feeling the affects of sleep deprivation and pushing past my physical limits. I grabbed a bite to eat and then went to soak in the tub. I must have stayed in there too long with the heat and bubbles from the jets, because for the rest of the day I developed a little cough from the humidity.

So finally I settled in for a late afternoon stretch of football. A friend from the church came over. My family was excited about 2 of the most important games of the year. Alabama VS. LSU and the Michigan State VS. Michigan game. Both games ended with a disappointing last minute loss for my team.

Then I spent the last few hours of the evening getting ready for Sunday morning with teaching prep and prayer.

What a 34th birthday! And in the midst of it all I couldn't be happier. I was tired because of good things. Positive things. I was exhausted because of...

A missions trip blessing
A morning in nature with some great guys
A comfortable home with jets in the tub!
A football game to watch with a friend
A church with which to grow and worship

Now that's a birthday. I am so blessed and thankful. I have the most amazing wife and the most wonderful children. And God has given me a whole new city to take on as a mission field.

Nevertheless, for my 35th birthday I think I'll sleep in!