Thursday, April 12, 2007

chocolate covered pork

A Ukrainian candy company has begun marketing what may be the stickiest, richest and most fattening treat on the market: pure pork fat covered in chocolate. Cracking open a finger-sized stick of ''Fat in Chocolate'' reveals exactly that: a vein of white fat.

I love chocolate...and I love pork. But not everything goes better together. Now, deep fried chocolate-chip cookies with a side of icey cold milk...that's something I could sink my teeth into!!!

I've heard of a place in Georgia where they smoke barbecue ribs and then batter and deep-fry those puppies. There is something to add to the list of things to try in a lifetime.

Oops, temptation is slipping in. I've got to be good. We've got a team from Faith Church preparing to do the DALMAC cycle trip from Lansing up across the Mackinaw Bridge. We've got to stay in shape for the BIG RIDE!

I guess chocolate covered pork fat will have to wait.