Sunday, November 05, 2006

the prestige review

Friday was my birthday. Tracy and I had a sitter (thanks Mark and Jen) and we got to do the whole "dinner and a movie thing".

The movie was really interesting. "The Prestige" is a period piece, taking you back in time to the life of stage performers 100 years ago.

The movie had many lessons, but really 2 main themes.

1) The drive to perform. The drive to be noticed. The drive to impress with flash rather than substance...and how meaningless and empty it is to receive the applause of men without a deeper purpose.

2) The drive for revenge. The evil power that overcomes you when you are unwilling to forgive. Seeking to destroy another will ultimately lead to your own demise.

This is not a summer flick with flash and bang style. It takes alot of brain power, with many twists, turns and clues to be followed.

But the lessons learned are invaluable. The movie makes no referrence to Christ or a higher power. But the very void in our human heart that is exposed on screen, is a great conversation starter for encouraging people to find true meaning in life.