Thursday, October 26, 2006

big house sinful?

Bill White mentioned a Habitat for Humanity workshop at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary where 200 pastors gathered to discuss the challenges of providing adequate housing in their community. As he led the seminar, Millard Fuller asked, "Is it possible for a person to build a house so large that it's sinful in the eyes of God? Raise your hand if you think so." All around the room, hands shot up into the air.

"Okay," said Millard, "then can you tell me at exactly what size, the precise square footage, a house becomes sinful to occuppy?" The pastors were silent. Finally one of them spoke up and confessed the heart of the matter, "I guess any house that's bigger than mine!"

Doesn't that really get to the heart of the issue? I can't prejudge someone else's cirumstance. God may be using their position to accomplish his own purposes.

But I do need to check my own heart, making sure that all that I do (and own) is being used for God's glory and not just a reflection of my own pride and greed.