Tuesday, October 31, 2006

my schedule

Peter Drucker used to do these great seminars where he would teach all these amazing leadership principles. And at the end of the day he would hand out a blank sheet of paper and say, “Now I want you to write down all the ideas that you plan to go home and implement from today.”

Everybody would just sit there and write furiously. They had learned such great stuff. They couldn’t wait to go home and start to try all these new things.

Then after a few minutes, he told everybody, “Stop writing. Now I want you to turn your page over to the backside.” He said, “Now I want you to write all the things you are currently doing… that you are going to STOP doing in order to implement the new stuff.”

Everybody would just sit there frozen. “Give UP something? How am I going to do that?” That’s not the American way. “I shouldn’t have to give up anything. I want it do it all.”

This is a constant struggle in my life. What good things will I have to say "NO" to, in order that I might say "YES" to things that are even better?

  • My daughter played soccer this fall. I made the choice to say "NO" to some things in my schedule, so that I could say "YES" to being a father.
  • Other times I've had to say "NO" to certain family things, so that I could say "YES" to ministry responsibilities that I believe are helping to change the world.

There is also another thing I have found to be painfully true. Not everyone will agree with all my choices. But seeking God's direction and the guidance of wise counsel...I must daily evaluate where I can be most effective. I can't do everything, so the things I choose to do must be things that REALLY MATTER!