Tuesday, August 22, 2006

any impact from our efforts?

Today I was second hand to a conversation with 2 people who were debating the merits of Al Gore's movie on global warming.

Most in the scientific community agree that there is a warming of the environment that is currently taking place. The issue of debate is concerning "to what extent humans are responsible". After all...there was a global warming that took place following the Ice Age (if you agree on that). There were no cars and pollutants back then, right? Many environmental changes take place over history. The environment changes. FACT. The question at hand is to what extent this current observable trend of warming may be OUR fault.

Let's assume it IS our fault. Can we do anything about it? What difference are my little efforts going to make in the grand scheme of an environmental meltdown? My little efforts at recycling and efficiency aren't going to change the world. Right?

Or will they? At Faith Church we operate under the assumption that small things done with great love make a huge difference. If we didn't believe that our little efforts at touching people's lives with the love of Christ have any impact...then we wouldn't do all the outreach projects that we do.

But we BELIEVE. That is why we reach out with passion and the belief that our efforts make a difference (be it small or large). We believe that the compound synergy of multiplied efforts can have an impact.

Does this principle relate to environmental issues? My conclusion...it can't hurt. Excuse me for a minute while I take my plastic milk jugs to the curb for recycling and then hop on my bicycle to ride to work. A little bit of effort on my part won't solve all environmental problems. But even if it helps a little, at least it won't hurt anything to try.

And yet how much MORE important still is our responsibility to save people from an eternity separated from God? Small things done with great love make a huge difference!