Tuesday, August 01, 2006

churches Cincinnati - part 2

In the post below I mentioned that our other visit of the morning was at Vineyard Community Church in Cincinnati. This was our primary reason for trekking to Cincy.

We've had a long history of connection with this church which began back around 1997. At that point I read a book by Steve Sjogren called "Conspiracy of Kindness". This spurred a passion for a type of outreach that we call Christ In Action @ Faith Church. This year alone we touched over 16,000 people in the Lansing area with practical demonstrations of Christ's love. But where did this form of serving a community with practical kindness begin? At this Vineyard Church in Cincy.

We enjoyed the morning service so much that, after lunch, we decided to go back and visit their afternoon Spanish Language service (which meets in their newly constructed Chapel). Pastor Luis was a gracious host and even mentioned our names in the service...they were about the only words I recognized! :-)

The whole experience was very comfortable. Faith Church shares so many things in common with this church that it kind of felt like home. They have such a commitment to reaching out, connecting people in groups, and worshipping God with passion and purpose.

But they are many years ahead on their journey. They have developed an amazing wholistic approach to meeting the needs of their community that they call MercyWorks. Everything from job counseling, to car repairs, to clothing and food distribuiton is available.

I had a great conversation with the Senior Pastor Dave Workman who provided encouragement and affirmation to what we're doing in Lansing.

One downside for them was a facility design that is difficult to navigate, included too many stairs and claustrophobic hallways. But they continue to expand and do their part for advancing the Kingdom. This place would rank as one of my favorite churches yet.