Friday, July 21, 2006

God's heart for MSU

Yesterday morning Tracy left (a little after 7am) to take Kate to kid's camp. Our little girl was so excited to go that she was about ready to burst. She said, "I've been waiting so long for camp to start that I can't believe its finally here." It was like Christmas morning for her.

I spent the morning reading, writing and praying. Then I pulled out Seth's bike and decided, today is when we take the training wheels off. That lasted for about 2 minutes. He wasn't so sure about this whole 2 wheel/balance/pedal thing. There's no use forcing it. Like everybody, I guess he'll learn in his own time. You can't make somebody want to take those next steps in their life. They have to want it for themselves. Sounds like a metaphor for life, doesn't it?

When Tracy arrived back home, I was ready to get on the cycle (my own, not Seth's) and hit the road. I didn't set out with any particular destination and ended up on campus at MSU. I rode the trails up and down the Red Cedar River and soaked up the beauty of the environment.

My heart broke as I thought of all the students, faculty and staff who are searching for answers about the world... and yet finding very few answers about their own souls. I prayed that God would use Faith and other churches in the area to make a significant impact on campus. I'm excited about a new college-focused ministry that we're going to be starting this fall. I prayed for Greg and Jen Thompson as the leaders and I look forward to God using us to bring spiritual food to this hungry place. We've done many CIA outreach events on campus and we'll be doing a whole bunch more!

My legs had turned to jelly by the time I got home. So what do you do when you're worn out? How about mowing the grass!

Then Tracy went out for the evening to see a movie with some friends. With Kate at camp, it meant time for the boys to go out and do manly things. So I pulled out the bowling ball (which I haven't touched in years), and Seth and I went to Holiday Lanes. I'm embarassed to tell you that our first game I bowled a 99 (yeah, that'll keep you humble). 6 year old Seth is no athlete, but he's got a great attitude. We had a blast!

He said, "Dad, I love it when somebody get's a strike." I said, "Yeah, its fun to watch all the pins flying all over the place". He said, "No Dad, I love it because they put a big X on the screens and show a funny little movie!"

Whatever it takes to keep you motivated.