Thursday, August 17, 2006

wrapping up

We spent our last weekend of Sabbatical at a wedding in Houghton Lake (well, not in the lake, in the town by the lake). Kate and Seth served as flower girl and ring bearer. It was a great weekend.

The bride and groom were a couple who have made Faith Church home while studying at MSU. A number of people drove up from the church for the wedding. WHY? Why would families and retirees drive over 2 hours to attend a wedding for a couple who merely attended the church for a few years as college students? WHY? Because that is the power of HomeGroups. This young couple made an active commitment to be part of a HomeGroup and that group became their extended family in Lansing.

I beg of you...please make a commitment to be part of a group. This weekend we saw the fruit of what those kinds of connections can accomplish.

Anyway...I'm back in the office and can't wait to worship at Faith Church this Sunday!