Friday, July 27, 2007

called to tuscaloosa

Wow...I guess it has been quite a while since the last post. We just returned from Alabama and it has been hard to catch a few minutes to write. I'd love to go into great detail on the all the happenings of the last week. But for now, let me just update you on our final decision.

As of the last writing we were still out on the limb, uncertain of what God's future had in store for the Gorveatte family. We were completely confident in taking each step in faith, and have felt a complete peace through it all. We had resigned from Faith Church, but had no idea how the visit and vote from the membership at First Wesleyan Church in Tuscaloosa might turn out.

Long story short, it was fantastic! We had sensed God leading in that direction(and the immediate sale of our home seemed to affirm that)...but the people of First Wesleyan double-confirmed it. The offer to become Senior Pastor was extended and we have accepted.

It was a blessing to be received so warmly and enthusiastically! We felt that even if the vote had been less than encouraging, obedience to God meant going there anyway. Fortunately that is not how it turned out. God is developing a new sense of unity within the church at First Wesleyan...and that is exciting! The challenges are huge and there are many unanswered questions, but there have been far too many "godly coincidences" for us to even entertain any doubts.

I guess you could say that the amazing support of the people from Faith Church triple-confirms the whole thing. We have received so many notes and words of encouragement from people at Faith who say, "We can't understand why God would lead you away. But it must be because he has something great in store for both Lansing and Tuscaloosa!"

Things are moving forward here in Lansing. The board has developed a visionary leadership profile and the evaluation of candidates is beginning. Whoever ends up here is in for the most amazing journey of their life. This place is awesome and God has huges plans to use Faith Church to change Greater Lansing for Jesus Christ. I can't wait to see who the Spirit has been prepping for this job.

Maybe next week I can tell you more about the whole house-hunting experience in Tuscaloosa. It was pretty cool...another example of God's great timing.