Tuesday, November 28, 2006

interview excerpts-2

Here are a few more of the questions that I was asked in the interview:

In dealing with conflict what are some steps you’ve found work best in resolving problems? Does this also apply within each specific ministry as well?

This is the huge advantage we have as leaders within the church context. We have agreed that the Bible is our guidebook for every situation. And fortunately Jesus provided very specific directions for us concerning conflict resolution in Matthew 18 and Matthew 5. When we as individuals and as a church get lax in following these principles, strife is always the result. But when we get serious about living out these principles, God’s grace is applied. And this is relevant to, not only every ministry area, but to every area of life.

How have ministries changed over the years and as the church has grown?

The number one challenge for a growing ministry is the tranisition from "do it yourself" to "delegate and develop leaders who do it in teams together". Accomplish this transition and the impact of your ministry will multiply tenfold. Struggle with this transition and you will strangle growth becuase everything has to be about you as the leader. And you (on your own) can only reach a limited number of people.

One blessing from growth, is the ability to create a culture of expectation and excellence. We expect things to be great and we want them to be done well. We are able to resource our ministries for greater impact.

But we also have to be careful about spreading too widely. More and more people want to do more and more things. But more ministries do not necessarily mean better ministries. The challenge is to keep the focus on doing better, not just doing more.