Saturday, February 10, 2007

party with jesus

Jesus had an amazing work ethic. He spent long days doing ministry, and teaching and changing the world.

But one of the main criticisms he was attacked for? The Pharisees and other Rabbi’s said, “This guy’s a party animal. He’s always wasting time eating and drinking with his friends.” Now, I’m not talking about bachelor parties with strippers and pot. Don’t get the wrong idea here.

But for example:

  • The very first recorded miracle in the gospels, when he turned water into wine? It was a party…at a wedding reception.
  • When Matthew (the tax collector) first met Jesus, Matthew decided to throw a party for him and invited all his buddies.
This is one of the major reasons that the religious leaders of the day didn’t like Jesus. They accused him of hanging out with sinners. Jesus once told the religious leaders, “Hey, you guys walk around all droopy faced, making it look like religion is such a sad and terrible thing. You do it, not for God, but rather because you’re just trying to show off.” He said, “Instead, you ought to put on a smile and show people what a joy it is to serve God.”

You see, all throughout his life, Jesus demonstrated this great principle: always take God seriously...never take yourself too seriously.

In fact, Jesus said, “All those heavy things that weigh you down? Cast all your anxieties upon the Lord.” Literal translation? “Lighten up.”