Wednesday, January 24, 2007

head swimming

I tend to go through intellectual seasons of focus. As a pastor, these seasons are often centered around the seemingly exclusive pursuits of 1) church leadership issues and 2) philosophical, historical, apologetics issues.

Well right now, I'm in the midst of drinking from the waterhose of #2. In preparing for the 4 week teaching series "The Historical Jesus" (starting this Sunday) I have been devouring the research. Names like Soren Kierkegaard, Immanuel Kant, N.T Wright, Rudolf Bultmann and ages of philosphy like Existentialism, the Enlightentment, the "No Quest" era and the like... are swimming in my head.

On weeks like this, the teaching on Sunday is either going to be totally AWESOME...or so deep that no one can keep up. Usually God helps me filter it all through Scripture in such a way that the application is meaningful and relevant. So let's pray that happens this week!!!