Wednesday, October 04, 2006

confusing intersection

This is a picture of an intersection in south Lansing. As complicated as it seems, there really is a plan in place to get you through the intersection safely. But the signs seem to create more confusion, rather than providing clear direction.

Sometimes we wish people would just come out and say what they mean. Other times we're glad that they don't just come out and say it. We'd rather pretend like we understand and everything makes sense. Meanwhile we continue to stumble through life without a clue.

And yet what do we do with the Bible? Admittedly there are concepts and passages which are confusing. Jesus often spoke in riddles. But when it really mattered, he just opened up his mouth and said what needed to be said.

Is there any area of your life where you have gotten lost in the riddles? Maybe it is time to get back to the plain word of Scripture. And as Mark Twain said: instead of worrying so much about what you don't understand, start applying the things you do understand. Is it possible that just doing the things we KNOW to be right, could bring many of the other parts of our lives back into focus?