Wednesday, September 13, 2006

americans' concept of God

Interesting article in USA Today. A new study by Baylor University determined that 91.8% of the American population believes in some kind of God.

This study basically attempted to categorize people's concept of God in the form of 4 basic images:

-Authoritarian (31.4%)
-Benevolent (32.1%)
-Critical (16%)
-Distant (24.4%)

Baylor's Christopher Bader says, "You learn more about people's moral and political behavior if you know their image of God than almost any other measure. It turns out to be more powerful a predictor of social and political views than the usual markers of church attendance or belief in the Bible."

While I disliked the labels that Baylor placed on these 4 images of God, I do think there is a powerful truth that is confirmed by this study:

Your view of God influences every other area of your life. Developing an accurate picture of the world through the lens of scripture is essential. When your biblical compass is faulty, you're bound to get lost in the forest. And before long we wonder, "How and when did I end up on this path? I never intended to be here."

Truth. If it is absolute, than we should be doing everything possible to uncover it in our lives. Because the discovery of changes everything.